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Over 60 Year Experience

This collection is the first manufacturer of EPS in the Middle East

The raw materials

Using the best quality raw materials to produce EPS

Best Devices

The best and to-date has been set on the device quality is at its highest level ever

About Unolit

Unolit is the name of a Company with more than half a century experience in providing services for Iranian manufacturer’s community. (The product is EPS, which is made by combination of polystyrene and pentane Gas in front of the monomer. (UNOLIT is not a name of product.) Unolit Company produces Plastfoam which is non-flammable, soft and flexible foam based on Polyurethane (polyether(S) or polyester (T), suitable for sound absorption, thermal insulation. Furthermore, this company should be proud ,because of the 60 years experience in marketing Plastfoam leading customers to knowing all products which are made of Plastfoam as ”Unolit”, so this is the brand of the company not the name of a product. The first producer of Plastfoam in all over the world was B.A.S.F, a German company, started producing Plastfoam named Estayropose. The Unolit Company is honor to found Plastfom in Iran and Middle East after inventing Plastfoam in the world. These days Plastfoam is known as the best options for buildings insulation against heat, cold and noise. In addition, cutting energy consumption is considered one of the prominent usages of Plastfoam in construction.