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Over 60 Year Experience

This collection is the first manufacturer of EPS in the Middle East

Using the best quality raw materials

Using the best quality raw materials to produce EPS

Best Devices

Use the best quality products Brvztryn devices in this series has made its highest level ever

Company's goals:

  1. Scientific thought - a group effort - fruitful efficiency.
  2. Applying the latest experience in the fields of industrial engineering, management, commerce, marketing and industrial manufacturing.
  3. Development of competitive capabilities.
  4. Active, Comprehensive and powerful presence in projects inside and outside of the country.

Principles and values ​​of the company:

  1. Integrity in the conduct and practice
  2. Empowerment of Human Resources
  3. Focus on Strengths
  4. Adherence to commitments
  5. Continuous Improvement

Policy Statement:

Unolit Company is a founder of EPS industry in the Middle East and in order to fulfill its policies and plans to achieve an advantage in competitive market and improve capabilities to meet the regulatory requirements, meet customers’ demands and compliance with new international management systems, step in being a pioneer in the production ,trade and industry by using necessary resources and appropriate organization culture, committed to being a leader in the field of quality of products and Services, based on coping with the costumers’ demand customer satisfaction, utilize the ISO 9001:3008 quality management system based on international standards and adherence to the principles and standards compliance requirements mentioned above ,the following goals will be considered as our prominent issue :

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction with putting a high value on customers’ demands.
  2. Increasing the quality and quantity of organization by providing education, infrastructure and required resources in accordance with organization.
  3. Increasing the capability of organization in response to meet identified customers’ demands.
  4. Developing infrastructural communications with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors and other communities of the society and meet their needs
  5. An ethical and working Adherence to commitment in personnel by putting a high value on partnership in decision.
  6. Design, development and continuous improvement of producing and trading products activities, by knowing the latest and updated technologies and variety market needs.
  7. A continuous improvement in quality and quantity of products, marketing for goods and organization by improving processes and accurate and compassionate activities through identification of weaknesses and improvement chances.

In fulfillment of mentioned purposes, and guarantee the quality of the systematic structure of the circuit, the organization implements the commitments of ISO 9001-2008 system as tools and models used in valuing on observation of their actions, those actions would be consistent with standards.

It's important to respect and implement the principles of sovereignty and discipline continual airs on organizational behavior and strategy through continuous improvement to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of those measures. All staffs are in charge of assist with this joint responsibility. I do have responsibility to provide all the resources will be needed for the quality management system.