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Over 60 Year Experience

This collection is the first manufacturer of EPS in the Middle East

The raw materials

Using the best quality raw materials to produce EPS

Best Devices

The best and to-date has been set on the device quality is at its highest level ever

Certificates and License

  • having ISO 9001:2008 certificate from (UK, UKAS/LONDON) company
  • Engineering and Technical License for establishment of Industry and Mining Ministry
  • The operation permission of Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry
  • Engineering and Technical permission of Industry and Mining Ministry/li>
  • Trading card from the Department of Trade
  • The registration of company records and national identification in Registration Of records Country and Estate organization (Company Registration)
  • Registration of Plastfoam patent known as Unolit and exclusive production of Unolit Company since 1334
  • Standard license of Standards and Industrial Research Organization
  • Membership in EPS products Industry Professional Association
  • Membership in Plastic Industry Professional Association