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As explained in the last few pages, Unolit can be an important insulator in cases such as constructions; road constructing etc. for constructing insulation, non-flammable Plastfoam (Flame Retardant Grades) should be used. Unolit Company is a pioneer producer of applying this type of Unolit in Iran. For instance, the walls and floors of EKBATAN and A.S. B building were insulated with sheets of non-combustible 30 years ago. Non-combustible Unolit is designed construction for constructions with more safety against fire.

The non-flammable Unolit products are designed for riseing the security buildings against fire, so it results in being more resistible to fire. Furthermore, it’s fire retardant, not fire soon and melt down against direct fire, and extinguish when the fire is put out .the harmful effect of emissions of Unolit product after melting is lower than emissions from wood after burning. Unfortunately, due to lack of information of manufactures about this type of Plastfoam, it is introduced as fireproof materials. The properties which are mentioned below stands for this type of Plastfoam. Plastfoam of Unolit Company has been tested according to standard of German with DIN 4102 & DIN 53438 numbers. Unolit products are used in all walls, roofs of rooms and specially the ceiling of buildings. The insulation of buildings with Unolit not only saves energy but also be considered as one of great merits of buildings when are going to be sold.