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The highest percentage of rejection is related to damages happened during transport and warehousing which brings financial damage not only for producers but also for consumers. This event leads consumers to become disillusioned from goods. This problem has been solved by facilitating this company with experts and experienced staff.

Unolit Company with experts, and experience over half a century, can be honored to supply industries and exporters with Unolit goods and services.

Packaging Plastfoam Foam in addition of being light and plasticity, can be offered in variety colors and shapes. And also it should be noted those bacteria, fungi and… Cannot be on Plastfoam growth. Unolit packaging is a good option for exporting vegetable, fruit, fish packaging.

Merits of packaging with Unolit:

  1. Plasticity properties of Unolit cause the lowest damage to products.
  2. The high pressure capability of Unolit makes it be used in packaging of heavy products such as washing machines, refrigerators.
  3. In addition, setting packaging on each other can result in saving space in the storage.
  4. Water absorption is zero in Plastfoam, so water cannot penetrate through EPS packaging into products. Moreover, in comparison to Carton which becomes deformed in wet condition, Plastfoam packaging’ shape doesn’t deform.
  5. The lightness and beauty of Unolit in packaging drew customers’ attention.
  6. Unolit Company exclusively produces foam packaging with different colors to become beautiful collections.