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3D Panel can be recessed into all stages of building which need walls such as arches of building or landscaping of bath services outside and inside and also it is constructive for roofs, floors and ceilings of Villas with two floors without steel Buildings. 3D panels were invented in Europe in the 90s and by considering successful usage of it in Europe the last two decades and Fortunately accordance with all  security tests carried out in Europa has Europe standard 1999/385.

Properties and advantages of three-dimensional panel:

  1. The prominent properties of 3D panel are, being ultra-lightweight, making fast installation and being resistance to earthquake, so it can tolerate 6/ 9Richter. Moreover, the experiments conducted with the University of California and the university of Oakland, have indicated that these products can bear storms with the speed of 400 kilometers per hour.
  2. 3D panel is a good fire-resistant .in addition, the harmful effect of gas emission from burning of Unolit is lower than wood and has no damage to Ozone layer. According to tests carried out, the 3Dpanel walls with 70 mm Unolit and 50 mm concrete on each side of walls sustained burning for two and a half hours.
  3. Unolit is considered as good acoustic walls which can be a good option for interior and exterior walls by providing peaceful environment for living.
  4. According to tests performed in America on a load-bearing of 3D panel on 5 cm thickness of a wall with Unolit sheet and a wire mesh with two and a half millimeters approved and also the weight of 250 cm and 4 cm concrete walls height on each side is 78,000 pounds.
  5. The 3D Panel walls are tested in terms of water absorption and water proof, the results indicates that the most water absorption is less than two and a half per cent.