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The other Unolit Product which is non-flammable with dimensions (20,25,30) x 50 x 200 , dimensions (20,25,30) x 66 x 100 cm dimension which is made of high quality and special non- combustible materials used instead of clay blocks in construction. The most important property of the Plastfoam is, being light weight which reduces the building weight, leading to less destructive events against natural disasters such as earthquakes.  In addition to lightness, ceilings are insulated in terms of great Thermal, Sound and cold.

Advantages of Unolit celling blocks are as follows:

The lightness of ceiling blocks at 160 kg in per square meter decreases the load of building.

  1. Saving more concrete.
  2. Saving more joists.
  3. Saving Fittings.
  4. Saving Energy.
  5. Saving formatting.
  6. Saving time performance.
  7. Saving Water.
  8. More stability against earthquakes.